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How do I purchase tickets online through S2 Pass?

If you wish to purchase tickets online through S2 Pass, please visit and follow the steps below.

  1. Open the S2 Pass App
  2. Select the settings wheel in the right-hand corner of your school's page in the S2 Pass App.
  3. Press the "S2 Pass Web" button
  4. Press "Open Scanner"
  5. After opening the scanner, please hold it over the QR code that is visible on
  6. After completing these steps, you will now have access to the S2 Pass Web Platform.
  7. Select your "State" and your "School"
  8. Find and select the event you wish to attend.
  9. Select the quantity of each ticket type you will need.
  10. Press "Checkout"
  11. Provide the Security Pin that is displayed under the "S2 Pass Web" setting in the S2 Pass App when asked.
  12. Press "Pay"
  13. After submitting your payment, you will be able to access the tickets you have purchased through the S2 Pass App. They will be visible under the view tickets button under any of the school pages.