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How do I educate fans and distribute tickets to my fans?

We will be sending your institution 3 QR banners that will allow your fans to scan and download the S2 Pass app.

Please share our pinned social media posts on all of your institution's social media accounts with your own unique message attached. This post contains a video tutorial on how to purchase tickets via the S2 Pass application.

Also, please browse your “Media” section in Here you will find several graphics that can be used for ticket distribution however you see fit.

An example distribution email is attached below. If you wish to use this format simply copy this email and make necessary adjustments before sending it to your fans.


You will need to download S2 Pass from the App Store or Google Play (links below). Once you have downloaded the app, you may purchase your ticket(s), and it will be scanned upon entry from your smartphone. An instructional video is below. Please be sure to purchase your ticket(s) prior to arrival. Please share this information with other students and fans!

If you don't have a smartphone, you can also purchase your tickets from the S2 Pass fan website and print out your tickets to present at the game through this link here.

S2 Pass Web

App download links

Google App Store - Google Play Store - Android

Apple Store - App Store - iPhone

Instructional Video

S2 Pass - How to purchase and validate tickets

S2 Pass

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